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You can experience authentic warmth and friendliness at our home and enjoy the privacy of the eco-friendly plush bamboo cottage, with thatched roof and wooden flooring; yet with all modern amenities, and that is what is great about it. Expect authentic village family life here. Two unbelievably exquisite eco-friendly bamboo cottages amidst calm and serene coffee plantation is the ideal place to enjoy the blending of greenery and mist, soft trekking through coffee and rubber plantations, sunrise and sunset. The cottages are situated close to the host’s house ensuring proper care and security is provided to the guests. One of the most enchanting features of The Treasure Trove is a bridge made exclusively of bamboo. It provides as an access point to the homestay and connects the cottages Ivy Crest with Leafy Retreat. The bridge is an ideal place to relax with a cup of coffee, while watching the birds perching on the trees tops, squirrels darting away, and a panoramic view of the sun fading in the western horizon. We assure your stay will be a memorable one with a chance to be in close with nature and foster lifelong friendships. We believe tourism should benefit local people without damaging the environment and diluting traditional cultures. Treasure Trove serves the true experience of being in nature and warm hospitality of the family, which runs the holiday cottages. A stay at Treasure Trove is not just a relaxed holiday but also an experience to cherish.


Hot water, Guided tours, Taxi service, Infant special menus on requests, Special honeymoon packages, Bon fire (Chargeable), Cable Connection, Badminton court.

The Food Court – Each meal at our Food Court will linger in your memories. Relish at our bamboo food court amidst the greenery with mouth-watering Kerala Cuisines which includes traditional Sadhya (feast) served in plantain leafs, Appam and Puttu (Steam Cake)

Arrangements to visit  attractions of Wayanad – extra

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