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Travel Tips for Theyyam visitors

  • Theyyams are seen mainly in two districts of Kerala state – Kannur & Kasargod.
  • Distance to Kannur from nearest airports – 152km from Mangalore International Airport, 117km from Kozhikode International Airport and 275km from Cochin International Airport. You can also come via train from Mangalore and Cochin.
  • Theyyams are performed in Temples (Kavus) or in the courtyard of ancestral homes (Tharavadu) mostly in remote villages – far from district head quarters.
  • Theyyam season begins at November and ends in May. Peak season is from December to April. during this time, you will have more options to see the best theyyam festivals. Theyyams are performed in more than 1000 Temples/ Tharavadu Kavus in one season. Our exclusive theyyam calendar will help you to select the best theyyam festivals of the season.
  • Shoes/slippers are not allowed inside the temple premises, in some temples men are not allowed to enter inside the temple compound with shirt/T-shirts. But in most of the cases you can experience theyyam from outside temple compound area.
  • Theyyams are performed as a part of annual temple festival or separate prayer of individuals. Theyyam is not a stage performance and it cannot be performed on individual’s discretion/request. Sometimes, you need to travel remote villages to see the theyyam.
  • People of these districts consider Theyyam itself as a God and they seek blessing from this Theyyam, so the visitors must refrain from any act that may harm temple atmosphere.
  • There are more than 600 types of theyyams performed in one season, but it will be difficult to see all theyyams in a short period. In order to experience complete theyyam performances, you need to camp around 6 to 8 hours in temple location, in the meantime, you can see other theyyams performing in the same temple.
  • Most of the temples/ kavus are free from religious restrictions, just like other villagers you can enter in the temple premises and can take the blessings of theyyams. (some temples are restricted entry for non-Hindus)
  • We strongly recommend you to visit Kannur for 3 to 4 days to experience theyyam in depth. If you want to see theyyam as a part of other travel packages, we can recommend you the best theyyam event according to time and availability.

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