03 Kavvayi Backwaters and Kavvayi beach house

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03 Kavvayi Backwaters and Kavvayi beach house

The new tourist attractions of Kannur

Clean, and Silent Beach on one side and very calm and peaceful river on other side of Island. And best available home stays on this Island. The best rated tourism destination of Kannur.

Kavvayi Backwaters located near Payyannur is the third largest backwater in Kerala and the largest one in north Kerala. The Kavvayi Kayal(Backwaters) is dotted with several small and large islands. Valiyaparamba island is the largest among them and stretches over 16 km2. Located north to Payyannur, Kavvayi is the largest backwater stretch in North Kerala. It stretches from Kavvayi near Payyannur in Kannur district to Neeleshwar in Kasargod district. There are several small and large islands in the backwater adding to its enchanting beauty. The backwaters is fed by four rivers. Kavvayi backwater is named after the Kavvayi island close to payyannur. Kavvayi used to be an inland port and a major administrative center during the past centuaries. Now the importance of Kavvayi island has diminished but still there are several educational institutions in this small island as a remnant of its years pride and glory.

Nearest Bus Station : Payyanur, Distance from Payyanur, approx. 6km

Nearest Railway Station : Payyanur railway station / Kannur railway station.

Nearest Airport : Calicut International Airport / Mangalore International Airport.

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