Annapurneshwari Temple Cherukunnu

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Annapurneshwari Temple Cherukunnu

അന്നപൂർണേശ്വരി ക്ഷേത്രം ചെറുകുന്ന്

Annapurneshwari Temple Cherukunnu

Annapoorneshwari Temple Cherukunnu is a famous Shree Parvathy temple situated in Kannur,cKerala. The deity is worshiped as Annapurneshwari- The mother who vanquishes hunger.

Cherukunnu Annapoorneshwari Temple, also known as Cherukunnilamma Temple, is the only Durga temple in Kerala where Parvathi Devi Mahamaya is in ‘Annapoorna Bhavam’ (Mother of all meals). ‘Annam’ in Malayalam language means ‘food’ and ‘Poornam’ (purnam) means full. The meaning of the Bhavam Annapurna is one who gives food to every needy without restriction. The idol is with a ladle in one hand. Annapurna is the goddess with a golden ladle. Sree Annapoorneshwari Temple is situated in Cherukunnu, 15 km from Taliparamaba, in Kannur district of Kerala, India.
As the name Annapoorna indicates, Annadhanam (free food distribution) is a very important offering to the goddess. The food, rice with at least one gravy curry is given to the devotees as the prasaadams. This temple gives food to all devotees who come here for worship and want to take food. Food is offered two times, during lunch and dinner every day. The chuttambalam – naalambalam surrounding the sanctum sanctorum is vast to take care of the dining place (Outta Pura) for the devotees to partake the food offered. The temple is acclaimed as offering food in abundance to those who come here to worship.

Cherukunnu Annapurna Temple was supposed to have been built during the 5th century AD. This temple is the principal deity worshiped (family deity) by the erstwhile Ruling family of Chirakkal. The temple was renovated by the Avittam Thirunal Valiya Raja. The present form of the temple is more than century old. A Punah Prathista was done in the year 1994 on the Pooyam star day of Kumbha Masa of Malayalam era.

The Annapoorneswari Temple Pond

Situated next to Cherukunnu Temple on the right side is the temple pond (Ambala Kolam). The pond is of about 2.5 acres in area and is called as Chira. The temple pond will always have water at a very high level. In the center of this Chira there is a stambham – pole. The pond – chira has four major entrances. On the south west side of the pond there is shelter. This sheltered portion of the pond is exclusively for the use of the priests (poojarees).

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